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Scott Eagan opened Greyhaus Literary Agency in 2003 with three goals in mind:
To remain a small agency focusing only on Romance and Women's Fiction
To provide educational opportunities for writers in these genres and to make efforts to enhance the romance and women's fiction genres.
To assist with increasing communications between the professional publishing community and the writers.

Being a small agency as well as being focused on a small number of genres allows me the chance to work closer with my writers as well as staying up with the every-changing trends in romance and women's fiction.
As I stated, I am also interested in educating writers. With that in mind, Scott Eagan is available for workshops, speaking engagements, working with writing contests and so forth. 
Greyhaus Literary Agency strictly adheres to AARs code of ethics and does not charge fees (including speaking fees).
Greyhaus Literary Agency is officially RWA-Recognized. 


Scott's education includes a BA in English Literature, A MA in Literacy and a MA in Creative Writing. 
Scott is an active member of the Romance Writers of America and still dabbles in writing as a hobby.
Outside of the agency, Scott provides critiques with Writer's Digest and does book reviews with Publisher's Weekly.
His family continues to keep him busy with one who swims competitively, one who rides Hunter/Jumper equestrian and one who dances. 

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