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Scott C. Eagan
Greyhaus Literary Agency
3021 20th ST. PL SW

Scott can be contacted about speaking engagements, assistance with contests, workshops and blog posts. Please feel free to email him if you have any questions. 


Authors have three options for submitting material. Please make sure to follow the directions carefully. Do not give me a reason for rejecting you because you are not following the directions:

OPTION 1 - Send an email to Send only a query letter within the body of the email. Do not send attachments. Do not send partials or full manuscripts embedded in the email. Do not send a synopsis embedded in the email. 

OPTION 2 - Use one of the two forms. There is one for authors wishing to submit category/series manuscripts and one for authors wishing to submit single title projects. The form is VERY clear. Include exactly what is asked for. Authors submitting category/series manuscripts should read the guidelines carefully for the line BEFORE SUBMITTING a project.

OPTION 3 - The old snail mail approach is fine. If you do this, please submit the following:

email me